School for Intellectually and Physically Disabled Learners

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Admission Criteria

Felicitas School caters for:

  • Severely intellectually disabled learners
  • With or without a physical disability
  • Learners function on about half their chronological age
  • The language of tuition is either English or Afrikaans
  • The learners are placed from the age of 6 years - depending on the waiting list and space availability
  • Learners leave school at the end of the year in which they turn 18 years.

Referral Process

All potential candidates need to be assessed and issued with a LSEN number by Department of Education before they can be enrolled at Felicitas School.


As of January 2017, the parent or legal guardian of the referred learner need to contact the District office directly:

The District official screens all potential candidates.

The District official makes an appointment for an assessment.

The team from Felicitas School assess only the possible SID learners, once a week at a resource centre/Department of Education according to the appointment.

After the assessment, the Chief Therapist from Felicitas School and the District official give feedback to the parent.

The District official issues a LSEN number to the learner.  

The District official places the learner on the Waiting list database

This database consists of all SID learners on the waiting list of all SID schools in our region.

The District official places a learner when a space opens up in the school closest to the learner`s home.

The District official deals with all queries.




Contact Details


(011) 736 6000/0889/0767